Thursday, 24 April 2014

I'm so excited !!!
 I just booked all my classes for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide in October. I got all the classes I wanted and flights and accommodation are booked.

So while I'm waiting for this awesome event to arrive I have to do some real work. I machine quilt most days, because its my job, and sometimes a quilt comes along that stretches my creativity. 

Then along came this quilt. It is made from shot silk and has fabulous machine embroidery on it.

I outline quilted all the embroidery and stitched in all the ditches. That took me 2 days to do. Then came all the fill designs. There was a lot of fullness in the centre of the quilt so an all over swirl was perfect to take up the extra fabric.

Using  a curved template, I stitched a double line using the outer embroidery as my inspiration. I then used this line as the spine for the feathers. Pebbling finished off the centre panel.  It took just as long to pebble as it did to do the feathers....

Next was the borders. I marked in a curve for the feathers. This is my favourite part of this quilt.

I did the same feathers in the large outer border, just larger of course.

In the light coloured borders I did simple diamonds with a straight ruler.

This quilt took 28 hours to quilt. It was totally worth it though, I think it turned out fab. The owner absolutely loves it.

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo