Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Weird Week

The boys went back to school this week after two weeks holiday. I thought everything would just return to normal. But it didn't.
Monday was nothing unusual. I layed out a quilt top ready for piecing together and finished a cushion that I have wanted to make for a while from this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

lots of half square triangles joined in rows

Tuesday was  the beginning of a new working relationship between Ally and myself. Ally is helping me with the ever growing Tuesday patchwork class. It's great to have her there. She has a very bubbly personality and everyone loves her. So, Welcome Ally!
That day I found out that I will no longer be working Fridays. I was a bit upset a first but as the week went on it turned out to be a blessing. I have picked up Thursdays sewing dancewear for Angela.
Thursday was great. It was just us 3 girls sewing together. We got heaps done. We have to though, with dancewear it always needs to be done yesterday.
Friday came and I got a call out of the blue. It was my friends Jo & Tracey, who I've known since Ethan started Pre-School in 2000, they were just down the road from our farm and wanted directions to get here. I haven't seen them for ages. It was wonderful to see them. We had a cuppa and a catch up. It really made my week.
So sometimes things are just meant to be.
That was my weird week.
Happy Quilting

Friday, 16 July 2010

Some Finishes

These are the two quilts I bound this week.
This is for my niece, Annalee. who lives in Western Australia.

The pieced back

For my little Archer.

These prints are from Prints Charming.

Happy Quilting

Thursday, 15 July 2010


No matter how many times I say it, it doesn't sound real. Yes, I am 40 years old. I don't feel it and I don't think I look it ( however it is we are suppose to look at 40 ) but I am IT. I bet my parents are feeling old about now. Their first born is 40.
I had a great day. I started the day off binding two quilts and doing some circle work on my new machine. Have I told you how much I LOVE it?  My sister and her boys came to sympathise celebrate with me and stayed with us for the night, and my parents came for dinner. I actually cooked it myself. So nothing really changes. We had Coles BBQ chickens, my famous potato bake and steamed vegies. To end it off, a black forest birthday cake. YUM!

This is me at 40

My 4 Boys

My Sissy
( i don't know what's goin' on with my wig)

My Lovely Mum & Dad

My Sister came bearing gifts (see below ) and Mum and Dad got me a webcam.

Some really cute necklaces

California Dreamin'

A gorgeous Vintage Hand Embroidered Turkish cushion cover. We found this at the Sydney Craft Fair.

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes.
As they say
"Life begins at 40"
So bring it on !!!!


Monday, 12 July 2010

I Got Real Busy.

After feeling rotten at the start of the week, the end of the week turned out to be great.
I finished 3 quilt tops

Quilted a top. I designed this quilting pattern myself for my quilting machine. It worked out really well.

And got a NEW MACHINE!!! How exciting. It was kind of a last minute decision. I got a Husqvarna Mega Quilter. I always said to my boss, Jody, that if ever that machine came on sale that I would get one. In the 4 years I have worked at the shop that machine has never been on sale. I just HAD to have it....

I picked it up on Friday. My boys went to stay with Ma & Pa for the weekend, so I sewed up a storm. While Paul watched the car racing, I annoyed him with the constant whirring of the machine. Because it is an industrial machine it goes super fast. I sewed up 366 HST ( Half Square Triangles ) in no time at all.

When I picked up my new machine, Jody had a little surprise for me. It is my 40th birthday this week and she had a gift for me. A 1/4inch foot for my mega quilter and 3 quilting books. I was from all the lovely ladies I work with at the shop, so Thankyou to you all for my gift. ( I can't believe I am turning 40! )

I am expecting another busy week with customer quilts and some of my own to get up on the frame. I've 2 quilts to bind and another to stitch together. So I better get going.

Happy Quilting

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


After the party, I woke up with a hideous cold. It is school holidays, I have 2 weeks off work and it's like my body goes into meltdown for the first week. It always happens to me.
So here is some fabric I recently got for an upcoming project.

I have been designing quilts a lot lately. I have been inspired by Kate and Ally. I have even been designing my own long arm quilting designs. Sometimes I just dont have the design to suit a quilt so this time I just drew it and I thought "Why haven't I done this before?", it looks great. I will be using it on a quilt this week. ( once I don't need the tissue box anymore )
Hope your week is going better than mine.
Happy Quilting

Monday, 5 July 2010

Birthday Celebrations

We had a birthday party for my little man, Archie. This is the first party he has had with friends from school. He only had three friends because once all the cousins arrive, it is a party in itself.

We had lots of fun things to do.

Paul rigged up Henry ( our little blue Ford tractor) to pull the trailer. A bit of safety bunting and the boys loved it. They would have rode around all day on it.

We got a new trampoline! It's the first one we've ever had. With three boys, trampolines aways scared me. This one has the safety net all around, so they can only hurt themselves on the tramp, not falling off it.
( will insert photo once my mother sends them to me- I won't hold my breath)

The giant swing is always a hit with the grown ups.

The boys played all day with just a stop to put food in their bellies and then off again.

Cake time, and I was pretty chuffed with myself. I stenciled a Transformer logo onto the top of the cake. I knew my craft blade would come in handy again one day.

Happy Birthday to you.........................................

Another successful party done and dusted. We are all exhausted and everyone had a great time.