Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday Showcase....

Last Friday I headed to Sydney on the train with my friend Jan to attend the Friday Showcase at the NSW Quilters Guild.
Who was the guest quilter I hear you ask ???
It was ME !!!!
Suitcases packed full of my creations, Jan and I chatted all the way to the big smoke. I haven't been on a train for about 13 years. It was a good experience and I would definitely do it again.
Once we arrived in Sydney I was really glad to have Jan with me. I was totally turned around and had no clue where I was. I followed along and we emerged onto Pitt St. I do love the city....
A good number of ladies came to see my showcase of quilts. I was really nervous to speak at first but once I got started you couldn't stop me. In case you don't know, I like to chat a little ...lol
I spent the next one and a half hours talking about my quilting journey, including all my ups and downs. It was quite therapeutic... Lots of questions were asked and everyone was very interested in my quilts and different techniques.
You will notice in the photos below that I not only love to talk but I also talk with my hands a lot...lol

I got to meet lots of new people and I caught up with the lovely Chris Jurd who had some very nice things to say about me over on her blog.
After the showcase we headed over to the Queen Victoria Building (with suitcases in tow) for lunch....it was YUM ! and felt a bit posh for this country girl.
I had the best day. Thanks Jan for convincing me to do the showcase. I feel like it's opened up a whole new world to me....
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

So Lucky.....

I'm very lucky to work in a job that I love to do.
 Machine quilting, quilt designing and teaching patchwork are my passion and I get to share it all with you....
I have been extremely busy lately quilting and designing and have neglected my blogging terribly. I check in with you all at your blogs everyday and I get loads of inspiration from all you've been up to.
Anyway, here's a little of what I've been doing...
I have a little somethin' somethin' in the latest Quilts from Precuts.... in stores now..hehe
There's my name on the front cover and apparently I'm an "Artisan".... lol
This is "Lucy" (in the sky with diamonds)
I just took this photo. You can see the smoke from the horrid bushfires that are raging around our area at the moment. Very scary and sad stuff :( That little pink dot in the sky is the sun !!

A paddock shot...
A while back I started a couple of quilts to get me out of my design slump. I used two patterns from Sew Kind of Wonderful and Jenny's awesome quick curve ruler.
This is Metro Medallion

This is Metro Hoops
I LOVE them both so much !!! I won't get to quilt them until January when I take the month off and get to quilt my quilts....

This little number below came back to me like a boomerang...I basted it for the owner for her to quilt it herself and, well you can see the size of it, she chose to bring it back for me to custom quilt it.
It took me 3 full days to quilt. Lots of stitch in the ditch...

And lots of pretty swirls and feathers....

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A show, a sew and lots of laughs....

Last week I spent 5 days at the Newcastle Stitches & Craft Fair. I was there representing the Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild. We were asked by the show organisers if we would like to exhibit some of our quilts and have an area to sew....
We had so much fun. It was great meeting new people and sharing our love of quilting. My fellow guild members joined me each day to sew and chat and sew and chat and shop of course...
This is our stand area...it was huge !!

 These are the blocks we made over 4 days....
This is how we are finishing the blocks off.... I love them !!! They will be 2 charity quilts...

And I was surprised by a visit from a blogging friend Cardygirl. This is the first time we have met outside the blogosphere. We live so close to one another I'm sure we will be catching up again very soon...

I have my sewjo back big time now. I have been sewing heaps and of course I quilt every day cause that's my job...It's great having a job doing something I love to do...I feel very lucky :)
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

a quilt along.....

Today I started the "Metro Medallion" quilt along with Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful.
I have had my "quick curve" ruler for quite a while now so it's great to be using it on such a fun quilt.
Below are the fabrics I am using. Mostly Lou Lou Thi from Anna Maria Horner with some Hope Valley mixed in there.
This is my first block !!! I am addicted... I love it so much. The original pattern is 16 blocks but in true Leanne form I have bumped it up to 36 !!! No point making a quilt if I can't use it on a bed, right? :) That's for all of you who know me and know that I never make small quilts.

That's the forth quilt I have cut out in 4 days. I have another one of Jenny's underway as well. With the fabrics in my previous post. I'll get a bit more done on it and I'll be back with pics...
Happy Quilting
'Cause I am :)
Leanne xo

Saturday, 29 June 2013

I found it .....

.....my mojo that is !!!
Look at these lovelies I pulled from my stash this morning. They are going to be a quilt.  "Metro Hoops" by Jenny from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I decided that if I don't feel like designing then I'll make a quilt from a pattern that I love. At least if I'm sewing it will keep me inspired ....

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lost me Mojo :/

I don't know if it's the gloomy weather that has gone on for just too long or whether it's a creative slump that I'm in. Either way it's really annoying. I feel like I've lost my quilt design Mojo.
I have started a couple of new quilts recently only to be disappointed after a couple of blocks.
So, while on the phone to my Sister today, I sent her photo's of the offending blocks and what do you know...once I photographed them they came to life and gave me a glimmer of hope.
I also realised that I need to make quilts that I love. If I love them then I will put my heart into it and the end product will be just how I want it. So, back to designing for me and I'm sure you will all like the end result....
I've cleaned up my studio and have a plan to get back to my sewing machine. I have hardly sewn anything in about two months. IT'S TIME TO GET BACK TO IT !!!
(It's even a gloomy post. I need some sunshine !!!)
Back soon with some bright fabrics and a smile on my face :)
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tomorrow myself and some friends are off to the Sydney Quilt Show. I'm really looking forward to it this year. I have a bunch of people to catch up with, some workshops to do and of course shopping. Not that I need anything but it's nice to look.
Oh ! and I have a quilt hanging in the quilt display. It's one of 400!! This is the biggest hanging they have ever had in Sydney.
I'm also going back on Saturday just in case I missed something...haha
This is my quilt "Loulou". If you see her let me know what you think...
Below is a close up of the custom quilting I did on her. When I had finished this quilt top I was really disappointed with how bland the grey fabric looked. I was inspired by quilting that I saw at Green Fairy Quilts , and tried something new. Once I had quilted one section of the grey I was in love with it. The quilting brought the fabric to life.  
Before I go to the show I needed to get some work done. Below is an all over quilting on Noeline's quilt.
And this Star Wars quilt is Sarah's. It's for her big boy who is turning 9.
Both quilts were done with the same all over design "Bayside".
Today I'm having a break from quilting. I do have the next one loaded up but I have a sore shoulder so I thought it best to give it a couple of days off.
I'll be back with a show recap in a couple of days...
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo


Friday, 7 June 2013

Phew !!!

Finally a day to sit and have a chat to you. I am sitting on a couch at Ford's service centre waiting for my car to be serviced. That's a bit sad really isn't it ? The only spare time I have is when I am forced to wait somewhere. But I'm not complaining.
I have been super busy quilting, quilting, quilting !!!! Which is a good thing seeing as though it's my business :)
In the last week and a half I have done 3 custom quilts. I normally only schedule 1 a month but I got behind and then I had a rush one. I have been chained to Dudley (my quilting machine). I'm very lucky to have a great family that understands what I do and just deals with eggs on toast for dinner lol !!!
Now to some of the quilts I have recently finished...
This is the 5th one of these beautiful quilts I have customed. So I can get through them a bit faster than when I did the first one. This one is Irene's...
The quilt below is the Cessnock Quilters raffle quilt for next years biannual exhibition. Lots of feathers !!! The front reminds me of blue and white china. The back (below this one) looks amazing. I'm really happy with how this turned out. They should be pleased with it.

Feathers, feathers, feathers !!!!!!
 Next up is Jody's. This bright little quilt is going to Darling Harbour for the Sydney Quilt Show. It will be hanging in the Husqvarna stand at the show. I had to do a super custom on it. My name will be front and centre so it had to be good. Firstly I stitched in the ditch around all the embroidery blocks. Next I did a 1/4 inch border around each block. The background is a simple all over swirl. Each of the embroideries were stitched around and a different custom design was used in each block in a matching colour.

This photo isn't very good. I stole it from Jody's facebook page :)
I will put some better one's up in a couple of days.

 After all that I am quite enjoying just sitting here on this couch. I have had hot chocolate served to me and they have just taken my lunch order. Just what my weary body needed at the end of week.
Now I get to sit and do some hand sewing. Yes they will all think I'm a grandma but who cares, they don't know what they are missing....haha. Love my hexies !!!
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I'm still here...
I have had a couple of weeks off with the kids on school holidays. I had full intentions of working through the holidays but instead I ended up having a very relaxing time with my boys (and my new pup, Diesel)... We didn't do much the first week. Just hung out at home enjoying the peace and quiet of our country home. The second week was crazy with family visiting, the boys stayed with Ma & Pa for a couple of days which gave Hubby and I some time together alone.
Today I was back to quilting...
Photo: Finally I got back to this quilt. Today I have finished all the stitch in the ditch and now im onto all the background fill. I love the texture of the quilting...
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Cover, A Show & lots of quilting....

The last month has been rather busy.
As always there are lots of customer quilts to get done. There are too many to post here but you can see them on my facebook page.
 My quilt Dorothy is on the cover of Issue 157 Down Under Quilts...Woohoo !!!
The weekend just gone I attended the Central Coast Charity Quilt Show where I had a stand selling my quilt patterns and promoting my machine quilting business.
What a fantastic time !! I got to spend two whole days with the beautiful ladies I work with at
 All About Sewing. Jody, Robyn, Ally & Susan always make it fun whenever we are together. Lots of fun and laughs and a croaky voice the next day from too much talking...
My Stand with Dorothy and Supernova in the background...

Myself and Jody.
 Jody has just celebrated 7 years since her shop, All About Sewing, first opened its doors. I started teaching at the shop about a month after it opened. Time sure does fly by when your having fun. Congratulations Jody and I look forward to the next 7 or 10 or 20...hehe 
Back to quilting
Leanne xo

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Where have I been...

...well I don't really know. I've just been getting on with things. I do check out the blogosphere all the time but by the end of each day I'm so pooped from working that I just don't feel like posting.
I have almost caught up on my backlog of customer quilts from last year and this year has been full steam ahead with quilts coming to me each day. I love quilting and I love the reaction of my customers when I send their quilts back to them and they absolutely love them.
I try to squeeze one of my quilts in once in a while. Last weekend I got this beauty up and quilted. I will have more photos soon. The quilting is finished, I just have to bind it.
Photo: Some Sunday swirls...the frame was free so I put my scrappy trip around the world up and did some freehand swirls. I love the simplicity of the swirls. They are fun to do...
Today we bought this little guy home. He is an orphan and I just fell in love with him at first sight. We have been waiting for the right dog to come along and he just appeared on facebook and I knew he was the one. Perfect !!! He is only 5 weeks old and I will be his surrogate mum for the next couple of weeks. He is so placid and already feels like part of the family...
Photo: Look who joined our family today...he is so cute. He is 5 weeks old so he needs alot of special care. Welcome home Diesel
It's going to be hard to concentrate on quilting with him here with that cute little face looking up at me. Tomorrow I will sort out a pen for him to be near me but not under my feet.
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Sunday, 3 February 2013

weekend stitching...

After cleaning the house a little I got to finishing up my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt top.
I love it so much...
We went into the paddock for a photo shoot on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was a bit breezy, which made for fun flowy photos. It's such a big quilt at 80" x 96", my 6ft 2" boy couldn't reach to hold it out properly...wowzers. Just 3 jelly rolls !!!

I love this old dead tree. It has so much character. It's amazing how many birds nest up in it. Spring is like "bird wars" with all the different birds fighting over the best nesting spots. 

I've a busy week ahead so this might get quilted next Sunday. We have a new leather lounge coming soon and this quilt will be the perfect companion for it...
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Thursday, 24 January 2013

some yummy fabric...

I went to Spotlight yesterday to see if I could get some of Sarah Fielke's On The Pond fabric range.....
I was in luck. I got all 15 in fat 1/4's. They are really nice and I have already designed and started making a quilt.

I need more fabric like I need a whole in the head !!! Oh well...I'm happy
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lots of quilts...

In the last week I have been crackin' along on my customer quilts.
I thought I would show you what I have been up to.
 This is quite a large custom I did at the end of last week and into the weekend. I'm really happy with how it turned out...
 Here you can see the different quilting in each of the borders and below is the freehand all over flowers in the centre section of the quilt...
 Not a great photo but you get the idea...
 Next up was a panto edge to edge for the lovely Ena. It's cotton Candy. An oldie but a goodie...
And just off the frame today is this very bright strip quilt with applique flowers. I did an all over freehand swirl with ditching around the flowers... 
This is me with my head stuck in the machine. My back really hurts when I spend too long doing this... 
 Again, not a good photo... It's such a bright quilt...
Just a bit of what I've been doing...I won't show you photos of my neglected house. Having the boys home on holidays means that it's 10 times messier than normal. Only a week to go and they are back at school and when I clean the house it will stay clean....for a little while anyway...
Happy Quilting
Leanne xo