Machine Quilting Service

Gammill Vision, Stitch Regulated & Hand Guided Quilting Machine

Machine Quilting Service

I have been machine quilting for 10 years.
I quilt on a Gammill Vision, Stitch Regulated and hand guided machine.(as above) 

Pricing starts at $3.50/sq ft for an all over edge to edge pattern to
 $7.00/sq ft for more custom work.
Please contact for more detailed pricing.

A. Basting... I can secure all three layers of your quilt with a basting stitch to enable you to hand or machine quilt your own quilt.

B. Pantograph / Edge to Edge... A continuous pattern of your choosing from my collection of pantographs to enhance your quilt top over the entire quilt.

C. Semi Custom ... Can include a pattern of your choosing using pantographs or freemotion work quilted over the quilt top from border to border and then a border design chosen with you to compliment your quilt top.

D. Custom... Designed in consultation with you for that special quilt top to give a unique finish, designs may include stitch in the ditch, feathers, ruler work, crosshatching and or motifs... all done freemotion... no computers!

Here are some samples of my Custom & Edge to Edge.

Custom- done to suit the block

Custom ... done to suit the block


I love to quilt and I love to add another dimension to your quilt top.

If you would like me to quilt your top please contact me on
(sorry to write it like this but I got hacked when it was a link)

Leanne xo