Saturday, 13 March 2010

Having a Ball.

I have tonnes on the go at the moment. I have been finishing samples for my classes, writing up the patterns and getting them printed. It all makes the time fly by so quickly. I was hoping for this year to not be as nuts as the last couple of years, but I guess I'm just one of those people who when there is spare time I use it. Only this year it is doing something I absolutely LOVE.
Things are going ahead with the Quilt Guild. We are having our first meeting this week. It will be great to get things underway. We are going to be promoting it at the local quilt show in May, so I hope that gets us some new members.
I have been really enjoying the patchwork I have been doing lately. The ladies in my sewing classes are really excited about all the projects that I have for them this year. I have to leave some ideas for us to do with the guild members too.
It's just all quilting, all the time. :-)

This little bundle of fat 1/4s is currently being turned into a stack'n'slash quilt as you go project. It has been really fast and fun to do. I'm almost finished so photos should follow this week.

Happy Quilting

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Your blog looks unreal! A really nice change.