Saturday, 9 October 2010

Block Swap Australia & V8's

I have just joined my first block swap. It's fun to be meeting new people out there in the blogosphere and swapping our blocks. I look forward to receiving my first block from Larain.

Things have been kind of cruisey around here. I have been getting a bit of patching and quilting done but I haven't felt rushed like I normally do. I go back to work next week so things are bound to change. I also haven't done the costumes for Ethan's school musical yet. There aren't as many as I thought so I'm not rushing those either. Next thing I know it'll be a mad rush to get things finished. Oh well, I've had a nice break and I feel really chilled.

Tomorrow is Bathurst car race. The race that stops our household. Paul is a crazy Ford nut and we all have to watch the start of the race in complete silence. It's funny really. I am actually a closet hoon myself. I love the roar of the V8's going around the track. I think we might make the pilgrimage next year to "The Mountain". The boys have never camped the weekend at the track before. I think they are old enough to handle it now. It's alot different there now compared to the 80's when it was complete anarchy.
Tomorrow will be spent between the couch and a sewing machine of some description ( straight sewer or quilter)

Happy Quilting


crafty pug said...

enjoy the roar of the engines! hope you get lots of sewing done

crafty pug said...

and of course welcome to the block swap!

Meerkat said...

Hi,hope you enjoy the swaps! I just joined last month and did my first one.