Sunday, 19 December 2010

I Have Finally Realised......

... that I can't do everything.This year has been a huge learning curve for me. I have tried to have a finger in every pie. Machine quilting, pattern design, teaching, dance wear, President of the Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild . As well as all the stuff that goes with being a Mum and Wife and keeping a household going. I have finally realised that I can't do it all. So starting from NOW I am a Machine Quilter that teaches one day a week and I will have more time to be involved in the Guild and especially more time with the Boys. There, I've done it!! It's official!!
Now some exciting news to go with my revelation. I have purchased a new GAMMILL quilting machine. "Squeal". It's on the boat from the States right now. I should have it early Feb. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I feel a bit sad that my old Design-a-Quilt will be going to a new home, but not that sad. It has served me well and given me the confidence to know that I can do this for a job. What a job hey. Doing something I love to do and being able to share it with other people. 
Gammill Vision 18-8
This is my new baby. Her name will be Millie ( I know that's not very original but I like it )You will be able to send your quilts to me to be quilted. Over time I hope to be offering not only all over designs but a bit more custom as well. My blog will have all the info about my service. ( I will be updating it over the summer holidays)

Happy Quilting

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