Thursday, 5 May 2011

In My Sewing Room.....

.......I have been quilting lots of customer quilts.
One special one was for the lovely Robyn. I work with Robyn at the shop.
This little quilt is for her grandson.

Robyn asked for it to be custom quilted.
I wanted to make it a bit fun so I pebble quilted the background behind the gorgeous Zoo Babies embroideries. The sashings where done in a fern like pattern and the borders are lines 2 inches apart.

A close up of the detail.

There have been a few other quilts as well. They were all done with an all over design.

This one was made by Amanda with Central Park by Katie Spain.

I forgot to take photos of the others but there will be more .
I am doing a special quilt for Rebecca of Chasing Cottons. I'll be able to show you that soon.

Back to the Sewing Room....

Happy Quilting


Seams Sew Together said...

Great Quilting!

Jody said...

Leanne I saw mum's quilt this afternoon ,it look's great. You should be proud of yourself.
You are doing so well with the machine. See you on Saturday

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

love both quilts and the quilting on them is fantastic effect

Vicky said...

What a cute zoo quilt! I think the pebble pattern that you choose goes great. Really nice quilting.

suemac said...

That baby quilt is adorable and such nice quilting. I made a baby quilt out of Central Park and it turned out to be very bright and cheerful. I like the fabric. It makes me feel happy.

Monique said...

Fab sis! You are quilting up a storm! Love the custom quilting. x