Friday, 24 June 2011

Sydney Craft & Quilt Show...

Today myself & the lovely Rhonda went, Thelma & Louise style, down the Freeway to the big smoke to spend some money get some inspiration from the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show.

Just a small section of the Show...

We met my Sister Monique and her friend Liz there. Just long enough to say our hellos and we were all off in different directions to go and stalk our favourites.
I went this year with the intention of finding gadgets and the mission of not buying any fabric... I succeeded!! No fabric!! It's a miracle!!
 I found some great templates from Kim Bradley to use as a design base on my long arm.

A few packets of machine needles.

A top pattern.

A bag clasp. My sister bought the bag pattern for us both to use.

A book of blocks.

A huge roll of jersey knit yarn and a giant crochet hook to make a bag from. I know, sounds weird but it looks awesome.


I joined the NSW Quilt Guild. It's only taken me about 10 years to finally get around to it. The ladies were all lovely and I can't wait to get started on the teacher accreditation course.

As I was walking along I noticed a quilt that looked familiar to me. Then I realised that I had quilted it for Ally in January. It is in this months Down Under Quilts Magazine. I did a little excited squeal and Monique didn't know what was happening.

Such a lovely bright quilt and the quilting is pretty good too... haha... 

The Quilt Show was bigger this year. There were a few quilts that really inspired me. My friend Jan won third prize in the Traditional (Professional) category with her beautiful Wholecloth quilt. I'm so happy for her!!

I found myself really studying the quilts that were professionally machine quilted. I took lots of photos for inspiration.

This one was my favourite.


For the first time there was a workshop area where they were screen printing. It was Louise Snook from WA. I loved it!! The fabrics looked fantastic. It made me want to go home and print some fabric.

Yummy hand printed fabrics...

This was the last photo I took as we headed out the door. Rhonda and I stayed til almost the end. It was another great Sydney show.
 Now we just had to get home through all that Friday evening traffic....

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo



Teje said...

Hi Leanne!
Thank you for a great post! I enjoyed to see the show because they are just unknown here.
I love that quilt in the magazine and would like to make one.
Thank you for inspiration!
Sunny sewing and quilting! Teje

suemac said...

I love that hand stamped fabric. That sounds so fun. Sounds like you had a great time.

Monique said...

So lovely to see my Sis in the big city. Had a great day - as usual!

Can I borrow that tunic pattern?

I'll send you the bag pattern today.

Awesome quilting on those quilts.

Absolutely loved the Louise Snook quilt, I'm inspired to print again!

All in all, a FAB day.

Desley said...

It is amazing how you can totally miss a quilt at a show. I didn't even see the red/purple/aqua one you have pictures of. And I would have been interested in the quilting on it too. I did see and admire your friend's quilt though. Thanks for the pics.