Friday, 23 March 2012

Oops....I accidentally bought this.
Flea Market Fancy- legacy reprint by Denyse Schmidt
I have been doing really well with fabric purchases this year. Only buying wht I need when I need it. I really need this fabric. Well that's what I was telling myself when I hit the purchase button in my cart.

Flea Market Fancy –  NEW legacy reprint! the new collection
photo courtesy of Denyse Schmidt

The thing is I already have a beautiful quilt made from the original release of Flea Market Fancy, and I really think that the new release was for all the girls that missed out the first time around but you can never have too much D.S. fabric, or is that just me?

This is my original FMF quilt. Licorice Fancy. I love her and would never part with her. I only just had enough fabric to make this quilt. I used every single scrap. There is even a couple of pieces in her that had to have a join in them so I could get the pieces I needed. She lives on the chair next to my bed and she's the first thing I see every morning.

Yay for Denyse Schmidt and her beautiful fabric collections.

I have a quilt in an upcoming Quilters Companion made from one of the DSQuilts lines from Spotlight. Watch this's a really fun quilt

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo


Patchwork and Play said...

I missed out on FMF the first time round - you have my stash by mistake, I'm sure! ♥ I have been restrained however and just purchased 2 yards on one pretty floral. I think I 'need' some more!!!!

Teje said...

Oh they are so beautiful fabrics and your quilt is wonderful! x Teje

Oops-Lah said...

haha... I must use your phrase "accidentally buying fabric". It might come useful ;). You crack me up! Gorgeous line by Denyse Schmidt.

suemac said...

I have resisted the new fmf so far. Love the picture of your stack. It is tempting.

Kirsten N said...

Love your quilt- so pretty and colourful! I have just bought "just a little bit" of FMF too:)

Cardygirl said...

Love this quilt...but everything looks great in FMF!