Friday, 11 January 2013

Playing a little...

I have been having a play with photoshop. I had it years ago but lost it when my computer died (it was a freebie). I have done a new header for my blog with alot of help from my awesome Sister Monique. She is a wizz on the computer and with graphics. She designed the logo on the left. Very clever !!!
On another note, we survived the extreme heat with no incidents in our area. Must have been too hot for the firebugs to venture out, thank goodness!!
I am still quilting Loulou. One more full day should just about do it.
And just cause I don't like posting without a photo, here are all the kids on Christmas morning at my parents house


Yep, just one girl...Annalee, my beautiful niece from WA
And this is for you Jan, as you requested...hahaha
It was yuuummmmm!!!!!!
Happy Quilting


Cheryll said...

Very NiCe header you have!!! I like it! And you also have a beautiful family... great pic!
Hope all is going well with you and your recovery after the op. See you soon I guess! :)

Susan said...

Love your new header. Great Christmas photo...we have lots of boys too.

Patchwork and Play said...

There's still plenty of summer left! Great, happy photos!

Anonymous said...

nice header Leanne and a lovely yummy post.xx

jfoster8 said...

Thanks for the photo of the pavlova.
Love the new logo and header....looks wonderful...good job Monique and Leanne

Leanne said...

Great photos Leanne, your new header looks good.