Tuesday, 6 July 2010


After the party, I woke up with a hideous cold. It is school holidays, I have 2 weeks off work and it's like my body goes into meltdown for the first week. It always happens to me.
So here is some fabric I recently got for an upcoming project.

I have been designing quilts a lot lately. I have been inspired by Kate and Ally. I have even been designing my own long arm quilting designs. Sometimes I just dont have the design to suit a quilt so this time I just drew it and I thought "Why haven't I done this before?", it looks great. I will be using it on a quilt this week. ( once I don't need the tissue box anymore )
Hope your week is going better than mine.
Happy Quilting


Rebecca Johnson said...

Cant Wait to see what you come up with..

Ally said...

Yep I hear you.. I picked up my new machine and came down with a hideous cold within hours of coming home.. and so did my baby J... :( hope your better soon and loving your new machine too,, my new machine has a name... Susie the Saphhire.. LOL
Ally xx