Monday, 5 July 2010

Birthday Celebrations

We had a birthday party for my little man, Archie. This is the first party he has had with friends from school. He only had three friends because once all the cousins arrive, it is a party in itself.

We had lots of fun things to do.

Paul rigged up Henry ( our little blue Ford tractor) to pull the trailer. A bit of safety bunting and the boys loved it. They would have rode around all day on it.

We got a new trampoline! It's the first one we've ever had. With three boys, trampolines aways scared me. This one has the safety net all around, so they can only hurt themselves on the tramp, not falling off it.
( will insert photo once my mother sends them to me- I won't hold my breath)

The giant swing is always a hit with the grown ups.

The boys played all day with just a stop to put food in their bellies and then off again.

Cake time, and I was pretty chuffed with myself. I stenciled a Transformer logo onto the top of the cake. I knew my craft blade would come in handy again one day.

Happy Birthday to you.........................................

Another successful party done and dusted. We are all exhausted and everyone had a great time.


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