Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hi there peeps.... I am so relaxed. We have just had a long weekend and it was great to do nothing. Really, all we did was watch movies and eat yummy snacks. The week before was a shocker. All the boys were sick, the weather was horrid and my throat felt like it had razor blades in it....I had decided early in the week that we all ( especially me) need a break from everything.

As usual though, I can't just sit there and do absolutely nothing. I have to have something in my hands so I started an embroidery that I designed. It's so pretty. Just what I need in a house full of boys.

Now that I'm nicely rested I am ready to get back into it. Yesterday I was at the shop with all the lovely Tuesday Ladies. There is always lots of laughs and a bit if sewing done.

Today I machine quilted this little quilt for Kerrie. It turned out fantastic.

I have cut out some pants for Archer. I have a few shelves of fabric for clothing. I thought I should use it up so I have room for more patchwork, Oh and my little guy needs some warm winter pants. Out came the trusty Janome overlocker. I have flogged this little machine for 12 yrs and it still keeps chugging along. 

I also got a half an hour on this very bright quilt. It is cut from templates made by superquilter Kim Bradley. The fabrics are all Kaffe & Brandon.

This week is the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show. I had decided that I wasn't going but I am so torn. How can I not go. I haven't missed one in so long. Every other minute I change my mind and think I should go. I might miss something that everyone is talking about. All the quilts. This year there is 400 quilts on show. All the new gadgets. All the shop owners that I only see once a year. Not to mention the bloggers meet up that is on on Friday. Oh No, I think I have just changed my mind. Better sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings...Are you going???

Happy Quilting
Leanne xo


Chookyblue...... said...

lovely quilting.........I do hope you're "torn" the right way........would be wonderful if you could make it to the blog meet.......there should be lots of girls.........

Susan said...

I know what you mean Leanne. I was having a year off this year too, but I'm an addict! And now that I am a blogger there is another whole level of excitement. Hope you decide to come. It requires planning and organisation, and it's tiring but we all deserve it!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm going on Sunday, but I wish I was going to the bloggers meet on Friday. Love your sweet embroidery and amazing quilting on that wonderful colourful quilt!!

Leanne said...

Go on Leanne, you know you want to go. I wiah I was going, it sounds fabulous.
You are right, we do need something pretty to work on with a houseful of boys.
Guess what.... I'm getting a sewing room, just for me, Its all on my blog if you get time to have a look, the frame went up today, Hooray!!!

Cheryll said...

Love the embroidery and the quilting Leanne. Swirls are perfect for the quilt! See you on Saturday too! :)