Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter Camping

Easter Friday we headed off to the Barrington Valley (northwest from Newcastle) to a property called Cobark on the Cobark River. We set up camp and found out that the toilet was a 2klm drive away. (I like roughing it, but I still need a loo). The tent on the right is us and the rest are our friends. Carl & Niki were a bit posh. They had a portable hot water heater so we were able to have a hot shower at our camp site.
The little blue tent on the left is the shower tent.

As soon as we got there, Archer kept asking to go in the river. He was in for a shock when he did get in, because it was freezing. I'm sure they had mild hypothermia after they had been in for a while.
Boogie boards are always fun in the rapids. Oscar had a ball.

Ethan having fun in the blow up raft.

Paul standing guard over the kids. Making sure they didn't float down stream.

Poor Horsey!! I went for a horse ride. It's been about 20 years since the last time I rode. I used to ride all the time with my girlfriends when I was in High School. It all came back to me. Yes, all of it! The sore butt and legs. Niki, Phil & Bluey rode too. It was Bluey's first time on a horse. He did really well. The horses don't really do anything unexpected because they do the same thing all the time. They do get faster as they get close to home though.

Easter Sunday Morning. CHOCOLATE TIME!!!
How exciting. Being able to eat chocolate for breakfast. What more could a girl (& my Boys) want.

Poor Pauly! He broke his finger canoeing down the rapids. Ouch!!

Me cooking pancakes in my pink gumboots.

On Sunday we went 4 wheel driving on the property we were staying at. Some of the views were spectacular. The photo does no justice at all. 

When we got to the end we were at the Barrinton River. It had heaps more water than the Cobark River. There was a rope swing that all the kids had a go on.



Before we left on Monday, I took the kids for a ride on a horse. They though it was great and Ethan & Oscar want to go on a trail ride with me next year.

We had a fantastic time. I was sad to leave. I could have stayed for another couple of days and we will be going back next year.
Thanks Cobark

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