Friday, 16 April 2010

What Have We Here??

My Sister and I were looking through the boxes under my quilting machine and look what we found. I kind of knew they were there and I was ignoring them until I had time to finish them.

This one is a Texas Star done with Half Square Triangles. I did it as a sample for class and it never got finished. It's only a wall hanging size. I don't know whether to add some more borders, maybe pieced, or just finish it as it is. Any ideas??
This is a top my Sister did out of here left overs from this quilt. I will quilt it for her one day, promise:)
I did this quilt to test the pattern. One of my students was having trouble with it.I did find a problem with the size of the pentagon in the middle of the star. It is quilted and the binding is ready to go on.
I LOVE this quilt. The Half Square Triangles are about 18 inches square. I saw it done at the Sydney Quilt Show and just had to do it. It was the simplest, quickest big quilt I've done.All I have to do is quilt it. (same old story)
Out in Blogland the Hexagon craze has hit pretty bad. I started this gorgeous Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt about 10 years ago. It is so close to the top being finished. Then I will be hand quilting it. The whole quilt has been done by hand over paper pieces. When we pulled it out today I couldn't believe how it felt like a vintage quilt. It was the first time I had someone hold it up for me and I was really proud of how beautiful it was.
I started this hand pieced quilt 4 years ago. It is my project that I take everywhere with me. I don't necessarily get anything done when I take it but it's always waiting patiently for me.

Best get onto these. If only I had an extra 12 hours in a day.

Happy Quilting

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:: Monique :: said...

You are so talented my beautiful Sister!

As Julia says... Bon Appetit!