Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Life On The Farm

Archer just loves horses. Since we went to Cobark all he want to do is pat the horses. We have two horses on our property. They are actually on the neighbours property but as we don't have fences yet they are on ours too. They love it here because we mow our grass and they like the fresh green shoots. The young one is like a puppy. He is always looking at us wanting us to play with him. He is a bit of a pest though. He licks the dew off our cars in the morning, he comes on the verandah in the rain. Although, I have stopped him doing that now.

My Sister called to say she coming to stay for a few days during the holidays. In the last week all of our kids have had the vomitting virus. We thought a country break was what was needed (even though we are permanently on a country break). Paul, Oscar & Archer went out collecting wood for the campfire to toast marswhmallows in.

Yep, I think that ought to do it.

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