Wednesday, 30 June 2010

OH the COLD!!!

I knew that moving to the country we would be in for cold winters, but I didn't expect this. -2 degrees at 7am

It has been bitterly cold. I know it's been cold everywhere but out here on the prairie there is no shelter from it. The cars are completely iced over in the mornings, the grass snaps under your feet and the dams are all frozen over. Our little water pump is having a conniption every morning. I think the water in the pipes may be a bit frozen. It's like a winter wonderland, ( as long as we stay on the inside of the door in the beautifully air conditioned house )  well as close as I'm going to get to a winter wonderland, anyway.

And what's with these kids of mine. No jumpers in zero temperatures. There is something not right about them. NUTS!

Archer having fun snapping the frozen grass.

Back to the air con and some quilting. I can't think of anything better to do when it's cold outside. Making a nice warm quilty to snuggle under.

Happy Quilting


Ally said...

yes my dear it sure is cold! Glad your enjoying some quilting time in the nice warmth!!
Ally xx

Kelly O. said...

ha ha! this is too funny!
I live in Canada--I guess cold is dependent on what you're used to...