Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lordy It's Hot

Lucky!!!! we had an air conditioner installed last week. The temp here today was over 40'C. I had to go out this morning so I set it to come on at 1pm. We ran from the air cond car to the beautifully cool house. I have no excuses now not to get things done. I have been getting tonnes of sewing done ( not so much house work though). I have a couple of things I can blog about after Xmas. They are gifts so I don't want to ruin the surprise.
I love this book.

I am doing a second quilt from it at the moment. The first one I did took me a while because I chose the hardest one first. This one has been quite quick.

The boys are finished school for the year. No more early mornings for a while. Yay. Archer has finished pre school for ever. Big school in 6 weeks. It's hard to get my head around it. He is still the baby.
Bed time now.

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