Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Modern Quilt Guild & Stuff

I have been so busy!!
The Boys are back at school and the morning routine has started again. It has taken two weeks to get settled again.
I have been getting loads of sewing done. I have about 7 quilt tops ready for quilting. I know, that's terrible. I'm just a little obsessed. Most have their backing ready to go. I have had a couple of quilts to do for other people so they are priority over my own. Got to have an income to feed my fabric habit.
I am also back at work my 2 days a week. It's been great to get back into it. Not all my ladies are back yet and a couple have gone on holidays in the low season ( not school holidays ), so it's been a bit of a slow start but I'm sure it will take off soon.
The girls and I at the shop have signed on for the Modern Quilt Guild. We are called Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild. We are just finalising a couple of details and we will be having our first meeting.

Check back for details
Happy quilting

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