Monday, 22 February 2010

Newcastle Craft Fair

I went to the Fair on the weekend ( Friday & Saturday ) and came away with a stash of goodies.
I met alot of like mided people at their stalls. I networked like a crazy lady.  There were a lot of stallholders that I have met at previous shows and some that we do business with. On the Friday I had Ethan with me and I left early because he was being a typical boy. Huffing every time I stopped to look at something.
So I went back on Saturday and it was much better. I found a few bargins and had time to look at everything that interested me.

This is my booty.
4 jelly rolls, a layer cake, 7 fat quarters, 2 mtrs fabric,a crochet book and some patterns and a couple of specialised patchwork rulers.
Not bad for a few hours work!

Happy Quilting

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:: Monique :: said...

you are a fabric shopping pro, girl!