Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Big Boy

This has been a big week for my eldest boy, Ethan. On Wednesday he was inducted into the Student Representitve Council at his school and on Saturday he turned 13. I can't believe the tiny little boy we brought home from the hospital is 13. He got a motorbike for his bithday. I don't know if maybe I was crazy to let this happen. Motorbikes scare me a little. I know a couple of people who have had really bad accidents on them and here we are getting one for our child.
The first time he road it though, made me feel proud of my boy. He was very sensible. I don't think I need to worry to much about him. His brothers might be another story though!
On Saturday we had a family celebration for Ethans birthday. It was the first time at the farm for a couple of the relos. The kids really enjoyed it and everyone stayed longer than I expected because it's just so lovely here.(that's what I'm telling myself anyway) They had fun walking over the farm to the gully and the giant swing was a hit. It was a hot day and the air con was a great relief while cutting the cake.

Signing the induction book

Year 8 SRC members

 (he does have a helmet, he wasn't riding it yet)

Happy Birthday to you.....

All the cousins here to celebrate their big cousin Ethan's 13th birthday


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:: Monique :: said...

It was such a fun day, we didn't want to leave.