Friday, 28 May 2010

I Don't Have A Title

After the whole crushed wrist thing I had to clean out my sewing room. I had boxes of magazines that had to be sorted through and fabric I had to say yes or no to. With the fabric, I did have a pile I was going to pass on to someone who wanted it, but once it was in a pile together I looked at it and they all went together and now I will be making a quilt from them. It will be a bit more country than modern but I do live on a farm so I can justify the country look. It will be a modern style though. So the fabric cupboard is no lighter. Once it was folded and stacked neatly I realised that I don't have as much fabric as I thought. I did separate it though. The precut fabric is in a different spot.

This is half way through sorting. That is the new cupboard on the left (beech colour).
It took a few days to get through it.

My fabrics all colour coded.

Now all neat and tidy ( for now anyway)

The boxes of magazines will be going to Cassie. She is one of the girls from the Central Coast Modern Quilt Guild. Cassie hasn't been quilting long so I thought the magazines that set me on the road to patch addiction might just be helpful to her. Enjoy Cass!!

I haven't been stitching much this week but when I have I seemed to get heaps done.A Bonus.

Oh Cherry Oh.

This is a quilt I started for Oscar about 2 years ago. I can't believe I left it there so long. It's back out now and it should be finished soon.

My Pledge: to get ALL my UFO's finished this year. (oh no, what have I done) there I said it. Now I gotta do it!

Best go sew
Happy Quilting

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