Sunday, 23 May 2010

Livin'in the 80's

OMG, our local radio station has been playing 80's music all weekend. I have been having super flashbacks to a time in my life that was fun, full of laughter and play and when my family spent every weekend at "The River", water skiing, sailing and spending time outside and NO TV.
My sister a I made life long friends at this caravan park. We are still in contact with them today.
This was the decade where I looked like this-

That's me at the back right. I was 14 . We had just had a red iceblock. From the left is my brother Michael, My sister Monique, my cousin Elise and my little brother Graeme.
We looked like this every weekend(minus the red tongues). We were always in the water.

This is Monique and I skiing together. It was so much fun.

This is me in the parafly. It was so high. I can't believe I was such a daredevil back then. I would never do that now.

If there was a horse I was on it. Look at that gorgeous blond hair and long legs. Sometimes I feel like an imposter in my own body. If only I looked like that now.

This is me at home. I loved riding.
Not only did we have great weekends but we lived on a small farm so home was heaps of fun too. There was always something to do. We had a menagerie of animals to look after and heaps of space to run. Mum had a cow bell she used to ring for us to come in for showers and dinner.

The music today brought back all of those memories. I started looking through a box of photos of my Mums' that I have to scan for her. I laughed alot and kept annoying my boys to look at them. Right at the end of the photos I saw one of Adam. I started to cry a little. He was a life cut way to short. We all miss him.
So living in my little bubble in the decade of the 80's wasn't without sadness but most of all it was GREAT! We were kids having fun


Monique said...

Oh, you made me tear up! They were the good old days. So much fun, and time didn't fly like it does now. Back then the days were long and we had to find things to do, sometimes we got into trouble, and almost evicted from the caravan park - remember???
Thanks for sharing those with me - good scanning love!

Elise said...

Hehehe, we haven't changed a bit :)The good old days. I wish life was that simple now. xx

Ally said...

Hmmm the 80's... permed hair, shoulder pads and leg warmers...


See you Sat.. I cant wait