Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Quilt Is Sent....

The Auction has finished and I have contacted the lovely Angela to let her know that she had the winning bid. She is so happy that she won it.
I was completely blown away to find out that Angela and her family had experienced the devastation at Toowoomba and Grantham first hand. They are all OK but devastation is all around them. Thank you Angela for your generous bidding and I'm sure you will love it forever.
I can't wait to see the grand total of all the auctions and raffles. At the mid way point, the total was already at $45000. That's a huge effort!! Well done to the crafting community and all those who supported the cause.

On the home front, there is only 1 week of holidays to go. I don't know about the boys but I am more than ready for school to start back. They have eaten us out of food, the house is always messy, the noise is constant and they are getting bored.

So bored they started doing dangerous things....

I started back quilting this week. I have a couple of quilts to get done before my new Gammil arrives. I'm starting to get excited now. It's only a couple of weeks away.
I have been doing a little bit of stitching and organising new things to start.

The beginnings of something new.... 

Happy Quilting

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Kate said...

Oh, yes, I think its time for them to go back to school!!

How exciting having your Gammil arriving soon. Can't wait to see what you do with it!