Monday, 14 June 2010

Long Weekend Fun at Our Farm

We just had a long weekend to celebrate the Queens Birthday. Any excuse for a day off, right?
The weather is finally beautiful , crispy, winter days.
Paul decided while the weather is good he should mow the paddocks. Unfortunately for him and Henry (our little blue Ford tractor) the ground is still really wet from all the rain. Henry got bogged!!
When Henry gets bogged I have to help get him out. The last time I was in the ute and I rode the clutch to much and nearly burnt it out, so this time I had to drive Henry.I haven't been on Henry since before we moved in. I forgot how much fun it is. Anyway here are some photos of the occassion.

We love being home. At our last house we went out a lot on weekends. But living here in the country just makes us want to be home.Paul and the boys went scouting for a place on the property to build their new cubby house/fort and here is another view of our barn/house. 
My Blue Boys

It really is a beautiful place to live!


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Monique said...

The Farmer Family + Henry! You make me laugh, the pics of you on the tractor. H I L A R I O U S !