Sunday, 6 June 2010

Rain Rain go away.........

Oh my goodness, what a wet time we are having. The boys sport carnival has been postponed twice already and it looks like it will be wet on Wednesday, the next day it has been set for. The weekend has been lovely though. It gave the boys a chance to get out and ride their motorbike and work off their cabin fever. The ground is still very wet so there was lots of mud. ( Yay, for me the washing lady!)
On the sewing front, I started the week off well but have achieved nothing over the weekend. I did work at the shop on Saturday and didn't feel like doing anything when I got home. Today we spent the morning cleaning the house ( it wasn't really that bad) because my parents came for lunch. I cooked a yummy pumpkin soup and picked up some sourdough rolls and a damper. Add a bit of sour cream and it was delish! I did get some unpicking done today so that will give me a good start for tomorrow.
I have been designing some new patterns lately, one of which is for a special someone. I saw this fabric and new immediately who it would be for. Add some other great fabrics from the stash and I hope to have it underway soon. 

I really need to get my finger out and finish the samples for my class projects. I will endeavour to finish one of them this week. ( New York Beauty Pillow)
Soon I am hoping to be having a giveaway, so stay tuned for details.

Happy Quilting


Cassie J said...

It's funny this weather putting a dampener on the sewing plans, I've been a bit hesitant myself. That top I was working on, on Saturday, has started looking really conservative (and too big) and now I'm not keen to finish it 'cause I don't think I'll wear it.

I'm so close to finishing it though, and I have more fabric of another kind to make another top the same. I'll probably come in for another Sat morning sewing session and ask for help modifying 'try #2' so it's something I'll wear.

But the craft fair is only a week away and the top just might get shoved to the bottom of the pile.

My car rego is due this month and I almost considered leaving the car out of rego for a while so I can spend more money at the fair haha. Just kidding, of course.

(Coincidence - we made pumpkin soup on Saturday too. My husband's a great cook)

Monique said...

Giveaway? You are really into it now aren't you. You will be famous soon.