Monday, 21 June 2010

Sydney Craft Fair

On the weekend my Sister, a bus load of crazy ladies and myself attended the Sydney Craft Fair and Quilt Show at Darling Harbour.
The weekend for me ( and my wonderful, understanding Husband ) started with a very chilly start. We went to get in the car and the whole car was covered in ICE. Brrrrrrr. Paul had to use a credit card to scrape the ice off the windscreen.

I met up with the bus at the shop. We headed to the big smoke. On the way Rachel had a questionaire for us to do. It was so much fun. The winners were announced on the way home.

We arrived in Sydney, dropped our bags at the hotel, and down to the show. My sister was waiting for us. Squeal!! Monique and I had a great weekend planned.

Firstly, the first day at the show. We rushed to see a couple of stalls we knew what we wanted from. One was Prints Charming. We really love their fabrics and ideas for printing our own fabric. Monique and I are hoping to do a class with them next year.

Then as we were going row by row we came across a charity stall. We could sew a block to be incorporated into a quilt for battered women and their children. It was a good excuse to sit and have a sew. We each sewed about 4 blocks.

At about 2pm we were a bit tired. We headed of to get tickets for Sex and the City. I was really excited to be seeing this with my sister. We decided to see it before we returned to our hotel. It was a really good movie. It was like catching up with old friends. We laughed, alot, and cried a bit too.
For dinner we caught up with a bunch of ladies from the shop and had dinner on a boat in Darling Harbour. I had the Salmon and Monique had Lobster!

The next morning started with a yummy buffet breakfast. On our way back for our second day at the show, Monique and I took a detour through Paddys Markets. There is some really good cheap knock-off stuff here. At the show we went back to get the things that the day before we had seen and said " If it's still here tomorrow it's meant to be mine", spending way too much, but the high kept us going.
By lunch time we were shattered. Monique had to go home and I just meandered around waiting for 3pm when our bus was leaving.
We had a great time with lovely people. I think we are going to Melbourne next year. Watch out Melbourne!!

Happy Quilting

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