Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Rain Went Away

Finally it stopped raining!! The boys got to go to their sport carnival. It was a nice day except for the freezing wind cutting right through us. ( will nothing make me happy ). Oscar & Archer had fun and attempted all the events. I must say that we really aren't a track and field family. We do better in the pool.
This is my little Archer at the carnival. On the start line with his hands in his pockets.

Here is Oscar (in yellow)in his age race. He did well. He didn't come last!

I can't believe how the time flies. I know I say it often, but really, it's getting rediculous. I think it's because I have to fit everything in while the kids are at school. Work, Quilting, Class Projects, Quilt Designing and all the stuff that comes with running a house and after school sport. God, no wonder I'm exhausted on the weekend.
There is always plenty of cleaning up to do !!! Lego, one of my favourites.

Last week I had 3 quilts come to me for quilting all on the same day. I do love quilting but it takes me a bit to get going. Once it's loaded up and the bobbins are wound and the panto is in place, I have to gear myself up to actually quilt. Once I start doing it, I always wonder to myself, why? did it take you so long to get started. I love quilting.
This is one of the quilts that I have to quilt this week.

Last week I said I had to get a class project finished. Well here it is. I really love it. I would love a whole quilt done in this design. It is made up into a cushion. The photo was taken before the cushion was made up.

Happy Quilting

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Monique said...

Bizzy Lizzy! That class project is lovely. Should have done a whole quilt like you said. Lovely photo of Arch!