Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Busy Week

The last week has flown by. I have been busy organising projects for my classes that start the first week in Feb. I saw some of my Ladies today and they are excited that we have some projects to do this year.
I got some of them from other blogs, eg. Film in the Fridge & Crazy Mom Quilts.. I am also doing one of the Quilt-a-Long's from Crazy Mom Quilts with my classes. I hope they like it as much as me.

I have finished my Flea Market Fancy Quilt and will post some photos tomorrow when I can get them in the daylight. Yippee!!

Market Bag

String Piecing

Sun Hat

These are the samples so far. I have many more yet to do. Should keep me out of trouble.

Dancewear is also on the agenda. I have uniforms to do for a dance school in Sydney. The orders should start arriving in the next couple of weeks. Not my favorite thing to do but it helps me afford my fabric habit.

On the family front, I have finished school shopping and now I'm just waiting for school to go back. The boys have been good these holidays. I guess it's all the space they have around them. The happier they are the happier the Mumma is!!

Happy Quilting

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:: Monique :: said...

Love all of them, the ladies should have fun!