Sunday, 3 January 2010

Last Minute Fabric Purchase

A little while ago some gorgeous fabric arrived in the shop at work. I couldn't resist it so I cut some off each bolt and put it under the counter to pay off before I took it home. My last class before Christmas, thanks to a gift from my lovely boss Jody, I was able to bring the fabric home. Along with a layer cake and jelly roll that wanted to come home with me as well.

I just love vibrant colour. I dont know yet what I'm going to make with these fabrics, so I'll just admire them in my fabric cupboard until I get inspired.

This is not normally something I would buy, but being able to buy precuts like this enables me to use fabrics I wouldn't look twice at.  The two of these together will make a good size quilt with a whole story of fabrics in it without having to buy yardage of a whole story.

Cheers Leanne

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